Posted on October 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm

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Bhoot Returns- A Spine Chilling Paranormal Experience!

Sudden screams and a 3D floating apparition onscreen leaves viewers trembling with fear in Ram Gopal Varma‘s revival of Bhoot! Bhoot Returns  attempts to revive his signature horror onscreen with 3D effects.


The director has never let his audiences down with this particular genre of films, giving them all they expect and more. The sudden sound effects following pin-drop silence gives the audience jitters. Overall, the film projects the element of fear and horror extremely well, leaving the audience gripping the edge of their seats. Some of the frames are truly horrifying. The film has remarkable performances by JD Chakravarthy and Manisha Koirala and the child artists who have performed exceptionally well.

After “Bhoot“, you’d think the “possessed woman” was a thing of the past. But wait, it’s time for another girl to elevate the range of paranormal activities that give you a lump in the throat. The Awasthi household goes through paranormal trauma as soon as they move to a new home. Tarun Awasthi (JD Chakravarthy) decides to change houses with his wife (Manisha Koirala), son Tapan and daughter Nimmi. While the wife is still skeptical about moving into this new house, the family is happy with the arrangement, until Shabbo (the infamous ghost) starts to make appearances and befriends their little daughter Nimmi. Soon a series of inexplicable things happen to Tarun’s family.

The otherwise cool-headed Tarun’s mind starts reeling as he sees captured footage of Shabbo. The family finally decides to vacate the house. But the ghost has plans of its own as Nimmi is found missing.

On the whole, Bhoot Returns is an engrossing fare that meets expectations with some spine-chilling and hair-raising frames.


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