Posted on August 30, 2012 at 11:23 pm

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Is "SWAG" not good enough anymore?

Has new british band One Direction given girls a new meaning to swag?  If you have heard of the new british boy band One Direction you must know of their new trend going on in the fashion world!

The boys have made world domination and have tween girls chanting their names all day.  What do we have to blame?  Is it the fact that their album Up All Night‘s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful”  broke the record for being the debut single chart No. 2 on the itunes chart – on pre-orders only? Or, is it just their charming British looks?  Whatever it may be it’s only getting better for the 1D boys.

The boys were found on X Factor UK but all tried out as solo artists, but after being rejected at bootcamp they were formed together as a band. Take a look at the video on how they came together!

The One Direction boys have just announced a second album “Take Me Home” which is releasing in November, but you can pre order it September 11th at midnight. Tell us what you think!

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