Posted on August 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Yash Raj Films announces delay of Maneesh Sharma's next film

Maneesh Sharma’s next directorial project, currently untitled and scheduled to release in September, has been postponed. Yash Raj Films  made the announcement of the production delay earlier today.


The delay is due to the fallout from Shahid Kapoor departing from the film. Due to his busy schedule with three films back to back, he was unable to readjust his dates to accomodate the film’s schedule.

Other changes have been made to the production schedule as well. Both Maneesh and Jaideep Sahni who have written the story and screenplay alongside Aditya Chopra, have decided to include lip-synced songs now. Maneesh, speaking on behalf of both Jaideep and himself, said:

“Both Jaideep and I have decided to bring in a couple of lip-sync songs which will need to be recorded before we can go on floor. However, it is sad that Shahid has understandably had to opt out because of this delay given his packed schedule going forward.”

Although Shahid’s withdrawal is unfortunate, Yash Raj Films is looking forward to working with him on another project for the next year. Stay tuned to Urban Asian for more details on this Maneesh Sharma project!


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