Posted on July 24, 2012 at 6:44 pm

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Ni Hao Jayden

Jayden is an Indian artist in the UK recording a song with Mandarin lyrics… talk about globalization!

This up and coming Heartthrob paired with Baldev Mastana to make his debut single Love Me Forever.  I got in touch with Jayden after his concert filled weekend and he told me all about why he wanted to have Mandarin lyrics in his debut single.

Wanting to bring unity to a new level Jayden combined his music with his time spent studying in Beijing to create Love Me Forever.  Based on the teaser, this video has a dominating East Asian presence with a backdrop of the Great Wall and a title written in Mandarin.

“I also believe music has the same effect on people as Love does. And neither should have language or even culture barriers. People should understand something without necessary understanding the language.  Agreed what i have done is different and may not be taken on so well. However I stand for something which is unity and humanity… so lets not leave anyone out of it.” -Jayden

I haven’t heard the song yet, but I have a feeling that a man who ends his e-mails bowing his head in reverence to his family and the Almighty does not do something unless he is giving it his all.  I look forward to hear this video the moment it releases.

The song will release on iTunes July 26th.

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