Posted on July 24, 2012 at 7:08 pm

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Ranidu new song- Adare Kiyala out now!

Ranidu is a Sinhalese R&B and Hip Hop artist who has been producing music since 2003.  He is the first Sinhalese artist to have his music aired on BBC Radio 1, and is the mastermind behind the first Sinhalese single to be played on MTV and channel V and Z music India.  If you’re not impressed by his success in music, perhaps knowing that he is a graduate of Yale University will impress!

Now, Ranidu Lankage (“Ranidu“) is out with a new song titled “Adare Kiyala” and it is available as a free download for all his fans!  Simply click the link below and the either a) Tweet about it on Twitter, or b) post about it on Facebook to get the free download.  Enjoy!

Download link –

Official Site –

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