Posted on July 24, 2012 at 4:40 pm

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Ill DEFINED is “Unstoppable”

Urban Asian brought you two brothers who are super talented in the Asian Scene, based out of the UK they bring you more music and we promised you just that! Producers, Rappers and song writers consisting of two brothers Mar2s and Ripz. After many years of producing, rapping and writing music, the UK hip hop duo, ILL DEFINED are ready to showcase their talent to the world. The two talented brothers, hail from the Bedford town just north from London.

The meaning of Ill Defined is: ‘not clearly or sharply defined’ it’s used to describe something that is not understood and something you do not quite know what to do with, it is like a problem. There name separates them from others in the industry as they bring their unique and universal concept of music to many listeners.

After a considerable hiatus they are now back having developed their sound and through many learning curves, as well as sitting and learning from some of the best in the game; they return with their much anticipated mixtape ‘UNSTOPPABLE’


DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE FREE: (Unstoppable Mixtape)

Starting of as many of their peers, they were dreamers; a bedroom set-up, bedroom producers. But slowly they developed a passion for their music and started to produce music that got their friends and those near to them very excited. In 2004 they released their debut project, which saw them featured in many publications locally and nationally and also saw them being the no. 1 unsigned act that year in HMV and Virgin Megastores in the UK.

Their distinct Hip Hop sound with a soulful twist saw them recognised locally as UK Hiphop’s best kept secret. With a strong emphasis on their production, an ‘Ill Delli’ beat is sought after widely from those that seek a universal and commercially orientated sound, while at the same time staying true to their own musical influences. Currently, Ill Defined have been working with a variety of artists on the Underground Hip-Hop and Grime scene and already have a host of reputable names under their belt.

Check out the two brothers who compile a mixtape of tracks on “Unstoppable“, download today on the website! Tell us what you think and keep it locked for more on these two rising brothers based out of the U.K!

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