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"Friendly Confines" Premieres April 2, 2012

3 Brown Girls.  2 Bedrooms.  1 Funny Show.

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of comedy!  In fact, when I’m not doing Urban Asian related work and am not swamped with law school cases, I draw my own comics – Erratic Beat Comics.  So, you can tell how excited I was to hear about this upcoming series called “Friendly Confines.”

Three funny ladies launch “Friendly Confines,” a comedic web series about the ups and downs of friendship, finding love, and chasing dreams. The show stars Puja Mohindra (CSI: Miami, Ghost Whisperer), Jamila Webb (Nurse Jackie, Rescue Me), and Meagan Prahl (Random Creepy Guy, It’s Not You, It’s Me), and premieres Monday, April 2, 2012 online.

Mohindra, Webb, and Prahl are three All-American girls.  They just happen to be Indian-American, African-American, and Halfrican-American!

 “The idea to write and produce our own work was sparked by a trip to Sundance,” said show creators. We wanted to create something that was more true to life, less stereotypical then what we tend to get sent out on. This project became an opportunity for all three of us to have a part to sink our teeth into, an ensemble piece where we can all really shine.”

Friendly Confines” is a mockumentary-style comedy about three close friends living together in Los Angeles, while going through the ups and downs of their professional and personal lives.  This is where the comedy ensues.

  • Puj is the world’s smartest airhead recovering from a traumatic breakup
  • Jam is an unemployed but crafty writer who’s happily single
  • Mo is an uptight attorney waiting for her man to put a ring on it.

The three find themselves in the confined and precarious circumstances of living together in a two-bedroom apartment. These three personalities clash, while sharing a confined space, but their friendship always prevails.  It’s a female “Three’s Company” meets “Arrested Development.”

The show premieres on their Youtube Channel, PujamoProductions, at 6AM PST/ 9AM EST on Monday, April 2, “the day after April Fool’s Day, because our show is no joke,” said the show creators.

The three actor-writer-producers are all Midwesterners who currently live in Los Angeles. Mohindra is a Chicago native, Webb is a St. Louis native, and Prahl is a Cleveland native.  The show has been in development for one year, and the season will have a 10-episode arc.   For updates on the show, you can:

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