Posted on April 1, 2012 at 9:16 pm

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Sullee J's "Blueprint"

If you’ve been following UrbanAsian for a while, you probably know that rapper Sullee J always has the creative juices flowing – either by his poetry, writings, or music.  He is now back to reveal his definition of Music and the power behind it.  Read below!  Personally, I think this may be one of his best pieces.  Do you all agree?

“The Blueprint” By Sullee J

Music is…
Regardless of our race, religion or ethnicity
Music is universal, it unifies us infinitely
Music is divine, a form of divinity
A language through which the heart speaks trilogies
A way of expressing, our light and dark energies
Music is the dialect of our souls
The connection between the inner we
The spiritual intimacy, the lyrics of epiphany
The crying, the screaming, the polyphonic bickering
The voice behind our silence,
The heart which continuously delivers beat
Influencing the masses through an
Acoustic which profusely
Drowns in many ears
So affluent its acuity
Music is, Music be
The blueprint to unity

Music is…
Intervention, an invention
A form of independence,
The linguistic of oneness
A way to form acceptance
Music releases the swollen tensions
And holds behind it intention
To replenish the mind
Through words of affection
Music is a cure,
But music can be infection
The subliminal message
Which hopes to gain attention
Music instills love, or it fills hate
Even anger or joy
Music has the power to create
Music is a source of sorcery
By the pen which initiates
Stronger than the wounds upholstery
Which the sword affiliates
Music is the savior
A gift for you and me
Music is, Music be
The blueprint to unity

Music is…
Words from heaven
Some words are weapons
Music forms pictures
Diverse, through many verbs I reckon
In other words, a lesson
To lessen by purging the burdens present
Music is a dream, music is reality
Some do it for fame, others display mentalities
Some do it for reason, others create fatalities
Some got a purpose, others smother personalities
To cover up mistakes, and butter up irrationalities
But I,
I make music to influence the masses
Stress the vocal chords with emotions
That’s fueling my magic
I hope that even after I die
My words will forever last, truthfully
A form of admonition for the people
Who forgot the meaning of unity
Music is, Music Be
The Blueprint for you and me

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