Posted on May 6, 2011 at 10:22 pm

What's Happenin'

Sonna Rele Dances in the Rain with "Bring on the Rain"

Sonna has done it once again by creating another bang! Yet this time she brings on the Rain to the screen releasing her first ever video this year to the public. Sonna is bound to make some moves this year and is currently working on a album as she tells Urban Asian that shes excited about. Bring on the Rain is an upbeat track and Sonna looked like she enjoyed making the video as she dances and sings in the rain.

Sonna started singing and playing piano from the age of four. Hardly surprising as her Mother is a well-respected Indian singer, her Father a renowned musician and her Grandma a noted singer/musician still making albums in India. Encouraged by her parents enthusiasm, Sonna spent almost her entire childhood in music lessons obsessively practicing until at 14, she met a local talented producer who gave her an insight into song writing. The outlet for expression was found.

Sonna spent over two years in New York and L.A writing and recording an album with top producers Dallas Austin and Wyclef Jean and working with artists Nelly, John Mayer, Dwele and Meredith Brooks.

Sonna then spent the next couple of years performing with/supporting artists like Raghav, Joss Stone and Maxi Priest playing to huge audiences in the US, Canada and UK and loving every bit of it.

Using just a drum machine, keyboard and guitar, Sonna stunned audiences with her performance. After the Brixton Academy show, a blind Indian woman waited over an hour just to tell Sonna how every word and every note, made her feel alive again. This was the poignant reminder that Sonna needed. She had an incredible gift and it needed to be shared.

Sonna and Livingstone, together with legendary songwriter, Paul Barry spent a year of making magic music resulting in interest from various record labels.

Despite numerous offers, Sonna was determined to sign to Sony/RCA because label head Craig Logan clearly shared her vision and understood her as an artist.

Working closely with Craig and Producer Livingstone, Sonna has spent the past 18 months making the album she has always wanted to make.  It is just about to get interesting for this superstar! We at UrbanAsian are very excited about her upcoming album

Tell us what you think about “Bring on the Rain…does it make you want to get up and dance in the Rain?

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