Posted on May 6, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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Beauty's best kept secret: Natural Blend

With all the pollution in the air and pore clogging make it’s hard to keep your skin healthy, but now there is a new trend afoot, natural make up! Natural, healthy make up for your skin has become a growing trend that works pretty great but it does get costly. Wet n Wild’s Natural Blend collection is super cheap and works great!

The Natural Blend press powder and lip shimmer are great products that are each under $5!! In times of recession a girl’s got to watch her budget, but thankfully you won’t have to skimp on quality in this case.

Press powders are naturally better than liquid foundations because the liquid form is thick and sticky, making it more likely to hold on to the dirt that come into contact with your skin.

The Natural Blend press powder is very light, you barely feel the make up on your skin, and it lasts pretty long. The press powder is light and blends into your skin tone well, covering up blemishes along the way. The press

Let’s face it, no one likes chapped lips! It’s very unattractive, with summer on the way the heat will dry out your skin quickly so a chapstick is always a must!

The lip shimmer is just the perfect accessory to stick in your tiny party purse. The shimmer comes in great colors like a lipstick but it wears soft and rejuvenating your lips like a chapstick. The Natural Blend lip shimmer has vitamins and minerals to keep your lips looking soft and healthy!

You can even feel the lip shimmer at work from the moment you put it on, it has a cool tingling feeling. The lip shimmer is no more than $1.99 at most drug stores.

Affordable yet effective! If you’ve got a product you love and would love to share feel free to email our editor at!! We’d love to hear from you!

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