Posted on May 6, 2011 at 8:57 pm

What's Happenin'

Jay Sean throws a pitch at the Phillies game! Performance's by Tina and Raje!

On Friday, April 29th our very own Mumbai Chopra was at the Phillies vs Mets game hosting a night full game and action!

Bollywood Dreams proudly presented the Phillies vs Mets game with the first pitch by the dashing, sensational singer “Jay Sean”.  Jay was the first to throw the pitch at the game as we caught it in action! Along side with performances by our very own Tabla Girl “Tina” and our own Bollyhood Girl  “Raje”!

UrbanAsian was there to catch all the fun and action with a few fun moments by Mumbai Chopra as she gets down with the fans. Check out the pics below! Our very own JJ also sat with Raje and Tina to talk about the game and how it felt to perform, along with there upcoming projects. Urban Asian caught it all on tape and has the exclusive!

Our very own Mumbai Chopra was there to have a chat with Jay Sean before his pitch:

JJ sits down with Tina and talks about her favorite dishes…;)

JJ sits down with Bollywood Singer Raje and talks about her upcoming Projects and JJ gets a little flirty with Raje..;)

Check out the interviews and tell us what you think!

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