Posted on May 6, 2011 at 12:59 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Shahid not "Happi" with his father

Shahid Kapor dropped by the sets of his father, Pankaj Kapur’s new movie recently and he wasn’t too “Happi” with what he saw!

Shahid Kapor watched as his fatehr directed the shoot but during the shot a chair fell on Pankaj’s hand! Of course, loving son Shahid rushed to the scene to take care of his father’s injured hand but Pankaj kept shooting right through the pain!

Afterwards Shahid practically scolded his father for not taking care of himself. Loving son that he is, Shahid is worried about his dad, he wants Pankaj to take it easy, to take a break and relax. But Pankaj just dismissed his son’s pleas and carried on with his work.

Sounds like Pankaj Kapur really is working too hard, but we’re sure Shahid will definitely get his dad to relax!

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