Posted on December 23, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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Sangeeta Kapure Reeks Havoc on "Tere Liye!"

Sangeeta Kapure enters “Tere Liye” on Star Plus as Ritesh’s (Nikhil Arya)  former lover!

Sangeeta Kapure confirmed her arrival to the show recently saying, “Yes, I play a prostitute, and my character is similar to Kareena’s in the movie Chameli. I am presently shooting for the show. It is a very interesting and loud character, and I also have a sizzling dance performance to shoot.”

Sangeeta Kapure was last seen on the show Sarvagunn Sampanna on NDTV’s Imagine. News is that Sangeeta’s look will be similar to Kareena Kapoor’s from the movie Chameli as Sangeeta will be playing a prostitute. Just when Ritesh begins to fall for Ananya, Gulabo (Sangeeta Kapure) re-enters his life to create a little chaos.

“Ritesh found pleasure for years in this lady Gulabo who is a prostitute. The character played by Sangeeta knows all about Ritesh and the fact that he married Ananya (played by Garima Bhatnagar) only for money,” sources say. “Ritesh had been funding Gulabo all the while, and when he stops sending her money all of a sudden, the lady comes to Ritesh’s house to fight with him. Ananya will soon get to know of her husband’s extra marital affair, and this will shock her”.

The “Tere Liye” episode will air this Saturday and audiences should prepare for some heavy drama by Gulabo! Ananya goes into labor and after giving birth she dies!

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