Posted on December 27, 2010 at 2:39 am

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Code Releases "Pegg" Video

The long awaited video to the hit PEGG, by Code Red is finally released! I guess this is Suga Kane Record’s Christmas Present to all they loyal fans, that have been waiting forever for this video!!!

The video features an appearances by Canadian Boxing Champion, Andrew Kooner,E.V.  Pama Sarai, The Tabla Guy, Paul The Drummer Sunshine,The return of Dj Sunshine, Dj Publicity, Manny Brar. The beautiful Canadian Super Model Treyomi, Aja Nachleh Bhangra Academy, Dhol Circles Sukha and Big Suga Kane.

Check out this video Pegg by Code Red, tell us what you think of the Video and let us know!

Pegg- Code Redd

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