Posted on December 27, 2010 at 4:13 am

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Raj Star Releases Rahman Noodles!

Raj Star aka Raj Makhija is a freelance music producer, composer, sound engineer, DJ, songwriter and musician based out of New York and Mumbai. He has been called the next big thing from the Indian diaspora of America, with a fresh sound described as Timbaland meets AR Rahman.

RajStar tells UrbanAsian he is about to release his upcoming album  “Rahman Noodles”

“This album uses samples of AR Rahman’s work (i.e. Slumdog Millionaire, Bombay, etc.) and samples of various western musicians (i.e. Jay-Z, Coldplay, Damian Marley, etc.), combined with elements of his own production to bring a completely unique sound.”  Check out this mashup “Billie Chikku” video which was just released.

Till then Raj states the Mashuup Mix will be releasing this January of 2011! Tell us what you think of this Mash!

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