Posted on December 27, 2010 at 10:39 pm

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A South Asian Inspired Magical Skin Care Product?

Rose water is extremely common in the South Asian world.  It is made during the process of extracting rose oil from petals to make attar or perfumed goods.  The water is what is left after the oil is extracted.  Rose water is extremely versitile and is constantly used in religious ceremonies, in sweets, foods, and perfumes because of its unique flavor and distinct floral scent.  All of this is good and dandy but did you know that you could use rose water as a daily skin care product?  It is super refreshing, safe, and really works in improving your skin!

Many of us use harsh products such as toners and astringents to clean our face and remove dirt and oil from our pores.  This can burn and dry out our skin.  Ouch!  Using rose water instead of these products is a more natural and forgiving alternative for your delicate skin.  Think about it: this is one product that is safe for you to eat and spray on you skin so it obviously will be safe on your face as well.

How to use it:  After washing your face, take a cotton ball/round and soak it in the rose water.  Go over your entire face and neck with the cotton ball/round.  You will instantly feel more rejuvenated and the rose scent will lightly stay with you for the rest of the day.  After this, apply your moisturizer and makeup as usual.  If you do not like smelling like roses then you can use it after cleansing your face.  Just simply remove all your makeup and go over your face with the cotton ball/round doused in rose water or splash a small amount on your face.

Where you can get it:  You can find rose water at any South Asian grocery or specialty shops (i.e. Patel Brothers, Apna Bazaar, House of Dipali, Bhutala Emporiam).  You can even find it in many drug stores and supermarkets these days.  It is fairly inexpensive as well so take advantage of this!

Using the rose water will help make your skin feel softer and appear healthier than before.  Smelling like roses is an additional perk!

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