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5 Opening Lines You Should NEVER Use On Chinese Girls on Dating Sites

Men have been searching for the most irresistible opening lines – aka pick-up lines – to use on Chinese girls since the dawn of time. It is very important to know how to chat with Chinese girls online.

Some have triumphed, others have failed tremendously. But you know what they say “you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

With the progress of social media and online dating, men have even more access to hot Chinese girls, so their attempts to find effective pick-up lines have intensified.

Well, let’s just say that most men have succeeded at repelling Chinese women for marriage more than at attracting them with their text messages. Today, we present to you five opening lines that every hot Chinese girl absolutely hates.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Hint: these are the messages that automatically end up in Chinese girl’s trash folders (and may even get you blocked permanently).

Unoriginal messages

Yep, when it comes to Chinese dating online, you have to put at least a tiny bit of effort to pick-up Chinese babes (meaning: copy-pasted messages won’t make a good first impression).

While sending out copied and generic opening lines to multiple beautiful Chinese girls may save your time, it won’t get you far if you’re looking to find a cute Chinese girl.

Every beautiful Chinese girl can tell when a guy sends a copy-pasted message (they are quite easy to spot for women who receive literally hundreds of messages every day).

Instead, do this: let her know that you’ve read her profile bio and actually paid attention to the things she wrote (just staring at her photos won’t do the trick). And start a conversation by asking about or pointing out something at least remotely related to her dating profile.

Just complimenting her

The so-called “you’re so beautiful” messages are ignored by Chinese babes in over 85% cases (the number is made up, but it would be pretty accurate if there was a study on it).

Here’s the thing, fellas: unlike men, women on social media and online dating get plenty of compliments. And when we say plenty, we mean dozens or hundreds of them.

Instead, do this: Be more creative and stand out from the crowd. If you can’t resist complimenting her, compliment her sense of style, her education, or her career choice.

On Chinese mature dating websites, Chinese women tend to write a lot about themselves. So if some woman strikes your fancy, read through her profile and be creative with the compliments.

One-word messages

If you think sending a “Hey” message – or any other one-word message – to a hot Chinese girl is a good approach, think again.

With one-word messages, you risk getting thrown onto the huge pile of ignored or deleted messages in every cute Chinese girl chat history.

Instead, do this: don’t be so lazy, take your time and write a longer message to make a good impression.

Sexually explicit message

Sending a sexually explicit message right off the bat makes you look childish in the eyes of Chinese women for marriage – in the worst-case scenario, you may come off as a perv or weirdo.

Using explicit language, slurs, or being sexist to beautiful Chinese girls on online dating websites is a sure-fire way to get blocked.

Instead, do this: stick to family-friend topics like traveling, music, movies, food in first messages. When it feels comfortable, you can up the level and get more intimate (however, being sexist will still be unacceptable and wrong).

Emoji message

Fellas, do you even know what emojis are for? They are meant to complement your message and add more emotions to it.

The closes analog to an opening line containing just an emoji is approaching a hot Chinese girl and showing her your kissy face without saying anything (and expecting her to be excited to talk to you).

That’s just… awkward. Sending the emoji message makes you look lazy and childish in the eyes of Chinese babes on Chinese dating online websites.

Instead, do this: put more effort and kick-start your dating game by personalizing your messages. Emojis are supposed to make your text messages read more fun. So take advantage of them (but never overuse them or rely solely on them).

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