Posted on July 10, 2019 at 8:20 pm

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Hosting Conventions That Appeal to the Asian Indian Community

Hosting Conventions That Appeal to the Asian Indian Community

There are various reasons that small businesses, large scale employers, community leaders, and others have a very keen interest in courting the growing U.S. Asian Indian community. According to recent data, Indian Americans are one of the fast-growing demographics in the U.S. This means that businesses of all kinds, but especially niche businesses that cater to the specific cultural norm in the Indian American community have much to gain by going all out. In major cities all over the world, conventions, trade shows, and conference are hosted in an effort to attract and appeal to U.S. citizens of Indian origin. Next, read about the steps that can be taken to get maximum attention from Asian Indian communities. 

Offering Family-Oriented Entertainment 

In general, most trade shows have a family-oriented slant so as to increase attendance rates and gain the interest of more advertisers, sponsors, and business owners. Whether you are arranging to host an employment convention or have a multi-day event dedicated to classic cars, offering family-oriented entertainment will earn you the most mileage with Indian American trade show attendees. Having a variety of trade show booth games, concession stands, and vendors will definitely get more people of all walks of life to come out. Keep the music, dress-code, and other rules family-oriented to appeal to Asian Indians in general.



Hosting Conventions That Appeal to the Asian Indian Community
Hosting Conventions That Appeal to the Asian Indian Community

Promoting a Range of Lecture Topics, Speakers, and Panels

Entertainment is a pretty vital component of trade shows that earn good reputations with the public, but the core mission is also integral. The reason for your event has to unite a diverse contingent of the population, while also appealing to fairly specific groups. Months before your trade show, be able to reveal the schedule, guest list, and other important details. Give an outline of the featured panels, have a biography written up for every guest speaker, detail their activism, and demonstrate what everyone in attendance can expect to experience. 

Making a Genuine Connection 

All people, regardless of culture, enjoy going to events where they can make real connections. Now, there are the connections that you make on a professional level when you attend a career-oriented trade show. In other cases, making connections while going to a big event occur on a micro level. It could be the moment when you get online for a trade show and end up making friendly banter with other attendees. Or you can find that special connection the moment a vendor greets you with a warm smile and goes out of their way to cater to you. Indian Americans, like all other groups of people, find themselves drawn to events where kindness is common.

In the end, appealing to Asian Indian communities is the same as working to earn the interest of any other ethnic group. Host events that are family-oriented, support inclusiveness and be respectful of all other cultures. Your trade show may feature authentic Indian food concession stands and vendors selling saris and lush fabrics. Showcasing Indian American guest speakers might also be a good means of attracting more Indian attendees.

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