Posted on July 10, 2019 at 8:48 pm

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How Can You Effectively Use the Internet to Improve Your Life and Career?

Irrespective of whether we realize it or not, technology is already improving our lives in so many ways that it would actually be extremely difficult to make a list of things in our daily lives that are not affected by the impact of modern technology. However, technology in any form is, after all, a tool, so unless you know how to use it properly, it is quite possible that you might be missing out on opportunities in certain aspects of your life.

Higher Education from Anywhere in the World

Basic education can only get us so far in our respective careers, and in spite of fully realizing that a lot of us do not have the luxury to pursue higher qualifications.

Let us take the profession of nursing, for example, as it is one of the most important jobs in any society. It’s a demanding job as it is to just work as a registered nurse but to complete your BSN to NP in a traditional nursing school while holding a job at the same time is not a feasible option by any means. There simply isn’t enough time to complete your BSN to NP or MSN to NP, while working full-time. The situation gets even more complicated if the nurse has a family to look after.

A chaotic combination of the demanding responsibilities of a nurse’s job, family responsibilities and the all-pervasive need for having a regular source of income had previously trampled a lot of nursing professional’s dream to become a Nurse Practitioner. Not to mention the fact that by signing up for a BSN to NP program, they also have to take an education loan or spend all their savings, while simultaneously giving up the source of income!

An accredited online BSN to NP or MSN to NP program from the prestigious Carson-Newman University addresses all of these problems at once and even completely eliminates most of them.

Due to the flexibility offered by the advanced nursing program, students can take their time with it, while being located literally anywhere in the world. They do not have to leave their current nursing job and they can save an immense amount of time and money, as there would be no extra cost of commute and rent.

This example should be enough to deliver the basic message that digital tech has indeed given a whole new dimension to education and training, but do remember that the same applies for a variety of the fields as well. Online MBAs, for example, are not just common nowadays, but often preferred by busy professionals since they do not want to take a break away from the work that they are doing currently.

In case you do not have a job right now, the internet will help you find a course that will then enable you to learn a skill, get a degree and use them to get that job. In time, you will be writing up care notes for patients, prescribing treatments, and ordering tests. The possibilities are endless and it’s all possible because we live in the age of technology, which makes it possible.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Fitness from Anywhere in the World

Obesity and being overweight are killer conditions that rub out hundreds of thousands of lives around the world every year. Yet, we do not take our physical fitness with the seriousness necessary to counter the growing problem. It doesn’t help either that in order to improve the image of people suffering from such problems, support groups are dangerously advocating acceptance and pride. Given that obesity is medically a condition and it kills people, the approach is leading to deadly results.

How does technology solve this problem? It simply addresses one of the core issues that keep us from getting to the gym, which is the fact that we all lead busy lives, and some of us do not want to spend a few precious hours of the remaining day in sweaty gym clothes!

YouTube videos, full on weight loss programs, diet charts, live sessions with some of the best trainers in the world and everything in between, makes it possible for even newbies to get back in shape, without ever having to step into a public gym. No excuse short of lethal laziness is good enough to justify not exercising for just 15 – 30 minutes in your home, 4 – 5 days a week.

Guys do not need to have bulging muscles and a woman doesn’t have to sport the perfect hourglass figure in order to be called fit and healthy, but even such goals are not totally unachievable either though, thanks once again to the advanced training programs online, bright to us on our gadgets, via the net.


Perhaps the most relatable use of the net is the guidance it provides us almost every day. It has probably not been too long since you made your last Google search, and that is precisely what the internet was created for originally: the passage of information.

We Google everything we are confused about or need guidance on, and the search engine gives us SERPs and even some basic information on the question asked. You can research with the help of search engines to find guidance with almost anything from how to cook a certain dish to how you can make your pet listen to you!

These may seem like small and insignificant, but before the net was there to help us out on every step of the way, the lack of guidance was profound since information was only limited to a very small amount of people. If you can use the net for guidance properly, it will help you improve nearly every aspect of your life, provided you are also willing to put in some work on your part as well.

In spite of being surrounded by tech all the time, very few of us actually realize the scopes we just discussed. Be it directly or indirectly, modern tech in some form or the other is always there, working silently to make everything from food ordering and booking a cab via our smartphones to giving everyone from across the globe an opportunity to acquire higher education, a reality. In the near future, as VR and AR develop and further and machine learning reaches maturity, more doors will open up for every one of us to reach new goals, about which we are not even aware of at the current time.

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