Posted on February 20, 2019 at 7:44 pm

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Bangladesh: Hip-Hop is in the Air Meet T.Zed a New Artist on The Block!

Bangladesh has Now Joined The Rap Crew!


Rap is an art form that has appealed to many. Defining generations in its path, bringing about change in many ways. The art form now transcends through borders and languages. From America to Bangladesh a brand new artist is on the loose and he goes by the name T.Zed. I remember listening to some of his material for the very first time. I was absolutely surprised, I honestly thought that I was listening to a 90’s Hip-Hop classic.
T.ZED is apart of a small group of Bangladeshi’s, bringing about hip hop to a rather traditional country. Hailing from a small town in Bangladesh T.ZED has cited his first musical inspiration as none other than the one and only Tupac Shakur.
I do believe that T.ZED is extremely tale nted as an artist in need of a break. It’s a rarity to see someone so young, chasing the dream with such honesty. If you’re expecting him to have to a ratchet track with words that simply rhyme then he isn’t the artist for you. His music is honest, lyrics reflect his upbringing and stay true to his inspirations. Bangladesh is not somewhere I’d expect to find an outstanding rap artist (I hope my ignorance can be forgiven as my assumption was clearly ncorrect!).
Musically, T.ZED’s up and coming E.P is a strong nod to Drake and The Weeknd laid back tracks that we all tend to have on repeat, I to think that he has clearly helped in setting a stage for Hip Hop artists in Bangladesh!

Watch Some of T.ZED’s Videos Now!

T.Zed has drawn his inspiration from many walks of life, here’s what he had to say about his life and growing up!


I  was born and raised in Pabna,Bangladesh. It’s a small city and the time, growing up most of the people didn’t know what Hip Hop was. there were some people who used to listen Hip Hop and specially in our hood. Shoutout to them big time. I saw a lot of violence growing up, I was the only kid who was so much in this Hip Hop. I used to face a lot of negativity from society. That gave me the push and the ambition.

the music industry is a place with so many different people with different mentalities and it’s pretty messed up. Even though there is not an actual Hip Hop industry in Bangladesh, the Hip Hop scene up here is emerging at a very fast pace. I’m new in the industry and lot of big names in the scene are already sharing my music and they feel the message and so far gave me a lot of support. This is one thing I love about the scene up here.- T.Zed


I would define my sound as a languid, grandiose production based Hip Hop and R&B inspired sound which takes you to a journey  that I’m telling in my songs. I mean if you listen to my music you can definitely feel what I’m talkin bout. It’s like the “Late Night” 90’s R&B type shit with that melancholic moody vibe in it. That’s the sound I been workin to get for years and finally I’m about to drop my self-produced EP this January with these vibes. Right now I got the old school joints, raw and gritty music out which doesn’t really express me properly. So this what I’m trying do. – T.Zed

T.Zed’s advice for up and coming artists like himself is simple “just chase your dreams and be ambitious putting God firstThat’s all and it’s actually from one of  his songs named “Ambition”.


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