Posted on February 20, 2019 at 6:59 pm

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Gully Boy: A Musical Masterpiece That Everyone Needs To Listen Too!

Gully Boy: Goriye a Vocal Masterpiece!

The Gully boy hype has continued to make waves week after week, that’s no surprise considering it stars megastars Ranveer Singh and Aalia Bhatt. The Gully Boy E.P.  features an array of outstanding musicians from Blitz, Arjun, Devine, Rishi Rich and the Hip-Hop star no one expected Ranveer Singh! The 18 track E.P. has Devine, Ranveer and legend Javed Akthar playing a major role in the sound of Gully Boy. The Sound stands out, unlike other Bollywood tracks. Apna Time Aaega a catchy rap track, but there is one song that strongly stands out and that is Goriye!

Gully boy is a phenomenon, far fetched from the standard Bollywood offerings. A song that stands out is Goriye featuring Arjun and Blitz produced by Desi Ma. The song indeed has flair, Arjun’s smooth signature vocals blends well with Blitz traditional sound. Ultimately the track feels refreshing and nostalgic all at the same time. The rap is a nod to the classic 90’s American styled rap, it’s certainly the definition of what I consider a Bollywood meets Bollywood mashup. The song took me a few listens to get used too, but once I felt the lyrics the beat and everything else. The production is genuine and extremely well done. It’s great to see South Asian representation from across the world sharing their talent in Bollywood.

While in Italy Blitz received a call from the producers of Goriye, who had been a fan for years, receiving a demo that needed another touch to it, Blitz jumped right on it. The track undoubtedly is on another level with the addition of Blitz vocals!


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