Posted on October 18, 2018 at 5:59 pm

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Sonam K. Ahuja and Anand S. Ahuja’s Giorgio Armani Experience

Sonam K. Ahuja, Anand Ahuja and Giorgio Armani’s Ready-to-wear Collection

Sonam K. Ahuja and Anand Ahuja

Sonam K. Ahuja and Anand Ahuja made headlines! Wearing Giorgio Armani wear at the Milan Fashion Week! First of all, not only were they complementing each other but they looked damn good together! The pair wore Armanis’ ready-to-wear collection.

Dressed for success, the couple had a similarly complimenting colour scheme going! Sonam picked a black evening gown to show her beautiful feminine side while Anand chose a charcoal bird’s eye peak lapel suit. The suit had a powder blue classic formal shirt! What a pair! Their sense of style is one worth noting!

The newly weds met the maestro, Mr. Giorgio Armani prior to visiting his boutique. Being in admiration of Sonam, Armani had a lot of kind words to share about meeting the Sonam. Mr. Armani said: –

“‘With Sonam Kapoor, it is her gaze that strikes you: so full of enthusiasm and freshness. It is a look that speaks of inner beauty, which is embodied by Sonam’s entire being; she is an actress of exceptional talent, with a style that is sophisticated yet natural. To dress her is to conduct a continuous and stimulating dialogue. I’m very happy to be hosting Sonam at my next runway show.”

They visited the Giorgio Armani Flagship Boutique in Milan. Keen to explore the FW’18 Ready-To-Wear Collection. Anand Ahuja was given a customized Made-To-Measure suit created just for him! The suit had a personalized name label as well!

The Palazzo Taverna

The store is located in one of the oldest palaces on the luxury shopping thoroughfare, The Palazzo Taverna.  Rebuilt in 1835, it covers three floors and a total surface area of 11,646 ft².  The ground floor is for womenswear and the floor above for menswear. The very top floor is reserved for “Made To Measure”. A elliptical staircase connects all three floors.

Every room has different customized flooring, also having silk walls covers in many shades. The design-oriented style gives the shop an elegant and unique look! Anand was dressed in a wool silk blended jacket. He added a crinkled effect T-shirt while Sonam chose an elegant Midnight Blue Ensamble. The Blue matched her skin tone perfectly!

On visiting the show and getting to see the collection, Sonam and Anand shared their experience:

“The passion to seek perfection through his work can finally be said to be completed with this gorgeous collection that Anand & I got to view. The Armani experience has been impeccable for the both of us”

I guess we all know who we will be calling for fashion advice! These two love birds surely know how to dress in a way that leaves us all wanting more! Better yet, Giorgio Armani sure knows what style entails! Armani is always a style worth wearing!

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