Posted on October 18, 2018 at 3:48 pm

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Amazon Prime Video Goes Inverted & Leaves Fans Perplexed; Can We Expect An Announcement?

If you happened to see Amazon Prime Video’s social media pages today, you would wonder if everything is okay. That’s because its cover photo on Facebook is inverted and so is its bio on Instagram. And that’s not all. Even the recent videos posted on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter are all inverted.

                              Amazon Prime Video’s social media accounts seemed weird today

Fans were left perplexed and why wouldn’t they?


Some of them came up with some good advice


Well, it’s hard to believe that Amazon Prime will have a technical glitch. We think, it’s a strategy to create buzz for something exciting which might be a web series or some other content. Whatever it is, it has surely piqued our interest levels.

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