Posted on October 18, 2018 at 7:15 pm

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Sonu Nigam Releases English Single with Grammy Award Winner Jason Goldstein and Rapper MC Yogi

Global Star Sonu Nigam and Grammy-winning Producer/ Engineer Jason Goldstein – Hall of Fame feat. MC Yogi

Sonu Nigam

A global union has taken our ears by storm! Artists from the East and the West have now become a union in a long-waited collaboration. Sonu Nigam, the ‘Michael Jackson of India’ as his fans describe him and similarly, 11 time Grammy-nominated and winning Producer/ Engineer, Jason Goldstein have teamed up to create a song called Hall of Fame. It features MC Yogi.

Jim Beanz, penned the single, with music creation by 6th sense. Jason Goldstein has produced most hits in contemporary RnB/Hip Hip. He worked with artists such as Beyonce, JayZ,Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Rihanna and many more!

Goldstein‘s musical touch and Nigam‘s inimitable vocals is sure to leave the audience probably crying for more! The song will have a modern dance vibe because it aims to reach a global audience!

Hall of Fame will be released worldwide o the 20th of October, as part of b2 Music’s second installment in its genre-defining compilation album series, Billboard Presents Electric Asia.

This crossover into the mainstream by the versatile singer of the Bollywood industry bears the hallmark of an iconic album. This includes being iconic on the dance scene and marking an iconic collaboration. The song features Hip Hop Guru, MC Yogi as a featured artist. Imagine Nigam‘s vocals over Goldstein’s style of music production and the result, best material in years!

Sonu Nigam is a household name on the Bollywood scene since his 90’s hits! Named Bollywood singer of the year for at least 15 times! He has collaborated with Avicii to Britney Spears! Hall of Fame will be his first, solo English Language single! Soaring his vocal range, emotion and the rhymes of yoga rapper, MC Yogi.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Speaking of the track, Sonu Nigam shared his excitement:

“How amazing and exciting to be included on the Billboard Presents Electric Asia album. There’s no more fortunate a musician than me in this world, touch wood, who has received so much love worldwide for so long. Life is still opening newer doors to my absolute astonishment. “Hall of Fame” is my best  ever English language single. I am really proud of it and my hope is to reach an audience around the world with this track, to share the excitement.”

“It was a joy to work with artists such as MC Yogi and Grammy-winning engineer/ producer Jason Goldstein on this song. I am also thankful to my team from EEG Talent, Nick Rajsakha along with Prolific Media’s RJ Bucaria,  who put together this amazing collaboration from across the ocean along with the forward-thinking team from b2/ Billboard Records,  Jonathan Serbin and Sean Dinsmore,. Due to the teamwork, Jason and I were able co-create an innovative musical experience. Billboard, given its international reach and reputation, is a perfect home for this track.”

Nigam;s single is in good hands on the Billboard Presents Electric Asia series and Volume Two features 15 tracks from the hottest new artists and talents from across Asia.

Speaking about the track Hall of Fame and the second volume in the Billboard Presents Electric Asia album series, Jonathan Serbin, CEO, b2, says,

“We are thrilled to launch Volume Two of the Billboard Presents Electric Asia series and to work with India’s superstar Sonu Nigam on this Volume. In particular, we are excited to continue to establish links between Asian and Western music markets and fans. To also welcome the new links to the Indian music market and fans.”

Sean Dinsmore, A&R Director, b2 adds,

“This album brings in tracks from across Asia. Indian superstar Sonu Nigam’s “Hall of Fame” is the Indian legend’s best work to date and his track is sure to excite existing fans, and to find new fans for this Asian star around the world.

Hall of Fame and Billboard presents Electric Asia Volume Two on 20th October. Available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify!

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