Posted on February 28, 2022 at 3:17 pm

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Keep it Happy! One Year Later and Happy Singh is Dominating The Music Scene

Harpreet Singh, otherwise known as Happy Singh, has taken over the Punjabi music scene in the last couple of years. With hit songs like “Nakhra,” “My Wrist,” “2 Seater Car,” and “Loco,” Happy Singh has proven to not only the Punjabi and Indian community but the global world as a top singer showcasing his talent. Happy’s debut album came out in 2020 and is called “Happy Hour,” which is quite fitting for the singer because his songs really make you want to grab your friends and get on the dance floor and have a good time.


I had the honor of interviewing Happy Singh last year in March. After admiring his music for so long, it was truly a blessing to talk to someone who understands music deeply and with so much soul. I asked him questions about his journey so far, what it takes to be a musician, navigating fame, and home & family. I am so glad I got to follow up with him a year later and see his progress because a lot has changed in the life of Happy Singh since 2021! He’s been making his way up the charts with his latest songs, collaborating with musical legends, and jet-setting around, yet making time for his family and friends.

happy singh posing

Interview with Happy Singh

 1.) How has your music journey changed in the last year?
My music journey has changed a lot since last year; I’ve been working with new artists and new producers and making new genre music.

2.) What was your favorite song you made from 2021?
My favorite song would be “I Been Saying.”

 3.) What’s something you wish you did differently in 2021 and hope to execute in 2022?
I don’t want to drop music this year, but anthems, that counts.

4.) 2022 goals?
Get on billboards top 100

5.) If you could collab with anyone this year, who would it be?

6.) What’s the essential part to you of the music-making process?
Making sure I’m in a good mood.

happy singh in a beanie

Make sure to check Happy Singh out on Spotify and other music platforms! He’s entering 2022 with a BANG and is here to stay!



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