Posted on March 12, 2021 at 3:32 am

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Happy Singh On The Track: How He’s Changing the Urban Music Scene and More!

From hits like “Makhana”, “Nakhra“, “Fuego Mami”, and his recent track “Tere To”, Happy Singh has taken his music to the next level over the past couple of years. He took the Urban music scene by storm with his smashing hit “Nakhra” and has made his mark in the music world. He recently released a new song, “Tere To” featuring F1rstman. He’s revolutionizing the game when it comes to blending languages and finding new ways to incorporate his “Happy Singh” style. His song “Loco” is also dropping tomorrow, 3/12! We at Urban Asian are so excited to see his growth in the upcoming year and beyond.

Happy Singh on a roof

Interview with Happy Singh

1.) What inspired you growing up to pursue music?
I would listen to my local radio station in Los Angeles called Power106 on the daily which kept me inspired with new sounds and music.

2.) What’s your background? what motivates you?
My motivation is myself, I know myself better than anyone else so I make sure I keep myself going everyday knowing what I’ve already been through and knowing where I’m trying to go.

 3.) What’s one of your favorite songs that you’ve made?
One of my favorite songs that I’ve made is definitely “Nakhra”.

 4.) What does the creative process entail and look like?
My creative process isn’t always In this order but usually, I check beats that producers have sent me or I find my own beats online that I’m really feeling that day and I come up with a theme. I then start singing or rapping melodies and record them. After that, I start writing words behind my melodies. Last I would do my ads and doubles to finalize my song.

happy singh wearing glasses

 5.) What’s next for Happy Singh?
I’m dropping music in the mainstream lane next! Billboard top charts, and Grammys!

 6.) Who are your inspirations in the music industry?
A lot of people inspire me in different ways, Drake is one who showed me to be yourself and you can be the greatest, Chris Brown, Scott Storch, Timbaland, DJ Khalid, Justin Bieber, I mean the list goes on but everyone played a unique role in my life and inspired me in different ways.

 7.) What does making music mean to you?
Music is made for everyone and anyone. It expresses your feelings that you don’t say out loud. It can be very personal or just something to vibe to. It’s made for every moment in life.

happy singh sitting on a chair
8.) Were your parents supportive? Any advice to people trying to pursue music as a career?
My parents were always supportive of anything I wanted to do in my life. You have no one to
prove just yourself and be open to change because that can open doors. Never give up because life’s a journey and your writing your story, how does your story end.

 9.) If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Definitely Drake

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