Posted on February 28, 2022 at 3:29 pm

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The Name’s Wilco! Raja Wilco To Be Exact

This collaboration from Sepone featuring Raja Wilco is an R&B vibe with a hint of Bollywood influences. 

A classy & romantic vibe of reflection and the future when it comes to relationships of a deep nature with the love of your life. Some would use the term grew & sexy it also includes the life of quarantine and the critical need to travel or a getaway for mental health sake. 

Lyrically it’s a picturesque story that incorporates Hindi and English vocals and shows off a staccato cadence. The fast and slow flow is captivating in setting the best of moods with a sweet transition in production halfway through the song.

Sepone is a British-born music producer, audio engineer, and Dj with a degree in Music Tech and Sonic Arts. 

Since debuting in 2006, Sepone has remained on the Dj circuit and received regular mainstream radio airplay for his dubs and remixes, which landed the producer “BBC Introducing Artist” on two occasions, catching the attention of the public and fellow artists alike. 

Despite being away from the music scene for almost seven years, Sepone made a return, releasing an EP entitled “The Lockdown” along with being commissioned for an advert for Puma by the Visionarism Team and currently in the studio working on projects for 2022 

Raja Wilco is an artist, songwriter, and music producer. Raja Wilco hails from New Jersey in the Metro NYC area. Living in NYC later allowed exposure to a variety of genres that have influenced his style over the years whilst being involved in the music scene since 2003, Performing with Imran Khan, Jay Dabhi & Cassidy, and receiving radio airplay across the world. Raja Wilco featured iconic songs such as Gal Dil Di by the late Soni Pabla, Muhammad Rafi & Kishore Kumar produced by Kami K and collaborating with Juggy D & Raxstar, to name a few. He is working on multiple releases in English, Hindi, and Gujarati for 2022 & beyond. 

raja wilco posing

I was honored to sit down and interview Raja Wilco about his musical journey so far! Check it out.


1.) Who are some of your inspirations?
Tupac Shakur, Apache Indian, Wu Tang Clan, OutKast, Gang Starr, Bally Sagoo
2.) If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
Timbaland – Is a perfectionist and really changed R&B, Hip hop, & Pop
AR Rahman – always captures the essence of music and goes beyond production and composing
Diplo – can really produce almost any kind of modern music, and I feel I could vibe on any energy he decides to bring
3.) What has been your favorite song to write/sing and what importance does it have to you?
My favorite song to write to date that hasn’t been released has to be The General. It was an extensive process with lots of historical relevance and had to be perfect cadence/ & rhythm-wise to match the epic production.
raja wilco with his head down
4.) When did your journey begin with music?
My journey began with me being influenced by my Uncle (Mama, my maternal uncle), who was a DJ and had so many different types of records and music he would practice with, play at parties, and make mixtapes for me when I was very young. Personally, I started writing at the end of high school and through college and freestyling with other people at Pace University in NYC when I attended. I started recording really after that as it wasn’t as easy as it is now with booking studio time and all that. 

Check out the new song here!


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