Posted on April 5, 2022 at 7:58 pm

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Luxury Label PBJ Couture

Luxury Label Pooja Bagaria Couture – F/W Collection 2021| Timeless Elegant & Versatile


We are pleased to launch the Fall/Resort 2021 collection for our home-grown label –  PBJ Couture.  From shimmering, red carpet-worthy numbers to timeless handlooms the discerning brand amalgamates contemporary silhouettes and designs with age-old prints to appeal to a younger crop of millennials who are rather vocal about promoting India’s rich textile heritage.

From big, bursting blooms and smaller, dainty prints to 3-dimensional details. This timeless collection is the perfect fall/festive edit. Dreamy and edgy it is the perfect juxtaposition between the duality of delicate and daring, bringing to light the designer’s innate ability to amalgamate eras in fashion and her uniquely stirring approach to design. The printed saris make for the ultimate winning combination—they’re breezy enough to combat the sweltering heat and contemporary enough to make a sartorial statement. Her pre-constructed saris are apt for women of all ages as they are effortless. They can be customized to ensure a precise fit and complement all body types. Our designs from Luxury Label PBJ Couture come with dramatic detailing that is rooted in classic craftsmanship with modernity.

The Floral Edit

A kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and pop art style flowers interplayed with shibori is an exclamation point to the collection.
This collection is dedicated to embracing the joy of fashion through sequined pieces, embroidered flower patches, holographic sarees, vibrant co-ords, and versatile pantsuits. It is a collection charged with elegance and a nomadic spirit.

The collection from Luxury Label PBJ Couture puts Indian fashion in a broader cultural context. It captures a powerful fan base of Gen Z hypebeasts and pierces through the noise. 

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