Posted on September 29, 2021 at 11:11 pm

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Earning Potential – Why You Need a Side Hustle

When asked what they would do with more money in their bank account, people will usually say the first exaggerated idea that pops into their head. But given time to think, many would say they’d take the added income to relieve debts, enjoy pursuing interests, or just let it build towards a future free of financial worries. All these ideas are well and good, but even if you are not in grave debt or planning a huge purchase, the average person can still benefit from making a little extra, and with some effort, they can earn dividends without adding to their workload.


The concept of earning income for work other than your main job sounds like a dream where people look at outlying individuals who seemingly make themselves millions while having whole days of free time to live luxurious lifestyles. These people are maximizing their earning potential through strategy and doing the work where it matters. 

Passive income is a product of the rise in technology and changes in a work culture that moved from fixed postings to hiring over the web to get skilled people in contact with paying clients. Many who’ve made use of this new job market have gone on to describe their journey in blogs and books about passive income, many finding the act of using their strengths and interests to build not just a daily income but a source of enjoyment for themselves.


An added benefit of the internet is the shift from skilled labor to intellectual labor bringing about financial gain. Author of the well-intentioned guidebook Help Yourself, by James Altucher, remarks on people breaking out of their nine to five cycle to take control of their financial situations utilizing the open market and the stock trade to tag along with a large companies success. while not the easiest side earner to enter, the entrepreneurial-minded will find a satisfying challenge in research and predicting a companies progress while also adding to their bank account in the process. 

The act of ownership can be taken a step further by directly buying into a partnership with a company, provided the seed money needed for a new venture, or supporting the expansion of an already growing brand. Managing can be shared while the pride in seeing your money at work is well earned. If you are unsure of the company itself, look at property values and buy with the intent of sitting and watching the market prices climb. This particular strategy requires patience in the long run with no payout for quite a while but yields great rewards when the market rises, which it reliably always will.


Those looking for less of a  straight-up replacement to their current job and instead want to focus on their interests can capitalize on sharing their knowledge with an interesting paying audience. Information is a high-demand commodity that the computer has made even easier to access and sell your expertise in any field or subject. You can market your intuitive cooking talents in an online cooking class, help students cover a tricky class subject that you enjoyed the most back in school. 

If you’ve got too much to cover in one post, make it a series and roll in subscription fees as your audience grows and you inherently expand your knowledge in research and discovery. With demand for your work driving your creativity, you may find yourself reaching new places with your hobby and even discovering more about yourself in the process.


There’s always more you can do with more spending potential and plenty of ways to earn it. The internet has given people more freedom to work and create while providing a stable living. Not everyone will be an instant millionaire from the stock market or real estate. But those that find their niche can make a little extra money and see it less as working and more as indulging in their passions, whether it is fashion blogging or running a class on their love of languages. It is all dependent on the financial goals you aim for and how much work you are willing to do for whatever you see as worth your time. With work and research, you can enjoy your free time and feel financially secure in no time.


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