Posted on September 29, 2021 at 10:42 pm

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How does Online Sports Betting Work in India?

Online Betting apps have enjoyed big success in recent years and have emerged as the one of most profitable sectors. Big celebrities and cricketers are even investing in these startups and promoting such platforms. What’s the reason behind the rapid rise of such platforms in recent years?. 

Cricket has always been India’s favorite sport and has a special place in every Indian’s heart. Betting and such things are always linked around every sport and betting are illegal in India. But these platforms have provided opportunities to users to test their luck and knowledge within the limitations of Indian Law and are the main reason behind their rapid rise in the Indian market.

Indian Law on Betting 

Indian laws have always been hard on Betting in sports and is labeled as a crime under some circumstances. Betting is a bad thing according to Indian culture and therefore it still is seen as a bad thing, but Indian online betting sites and fantasy apps do not come under illegal activity as it is not based on unlawful things. It is based on a person’s knowledge and precision according to these apps and that they are exceptions in betting rules and are considered legal.

Most Popular Game on Online Betting

India is a country where many sports are played but undoubtedly Cricket is way more popular than the rest. In the world Football is the number one sport but in India Cricket has always been the number one sport and people are mad about this sport. Since its popularity is very high, it is no surprise there are so many companies and apps emphasizing Cricket as the main betting module. 

The most famous app which is used to wager on cricket has been the Parimatch IPL betting app. IPL is one of cricket’s biggest events and one of the richest tournaments in the world. According to various reports and surveys, there are almost 140 million users who bet online, but during IPL that number rises up to 370 million.

All Popular Sports in India

It is not a surprise that cricket is the most popular sport in India in terms of Online betting. Since the inception of the Indian Premier League, Cricket has reached new heights especially with the injection of a lot of money into this sport, but the increase of popularity worldwide has been remarkable. But there are other sports also which have enjoyed great success in both the sporting and betting world. 

We have seen many online betting platforms have a special emphasis on cricket but games like Pro Kabadi have drawn the attention of Indian audiences. Kabaddi is an Indian sport that has unexpectedly shaken the Indian sports market. 

Apart from Kabaddi, Football also has emerged in the Indian market. Football is a global sport and in the betting world, it is the most loved sport but in India, it has arrived late to the scene. India Super League has helped Football to catch the attention of the Indian audience and it is now replicated in the betting market also. 

Betting is still illegal but online betting has changed the scene. It is legal in terms of Indian law which has played a big role in its rise in popularity among Indian users. This industry is growing by 20% every year and more and more users are joining online betting. 

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