Posted on September 6, 2019 at 10:03 pm

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How to make money online: Best Legitimate Ways

At some point, the majority of Internet users, whether people with stable but insufficient income, or college students who need additional income, wonder to earn money online. Therefore, today the Vip-Writers experts will analyze how can they make money on the Internet. Perhaps even the lazy one will be able to earn small amounts without investment. To achieve a good income, of course, you need to make an effort. The amount of the sum will depend only on your own efforts. If you want to earn decent money – then get ready for a difficult but interesting way.

So, there are a huge number of online ways to make money. Let’s start with the most popular ways of earning online.


Writing is one of the most realistic ways to make additional money. This is one of the types of work traditionally performed at home. The work is suitable for beginning journalists who need to “get hand” in writing, as well as for everyone who loves to write, have basic literacy and have a few hours of free time. You need to write quickly and efficiently, as copywriting is like a sport that requires daily training. Over time, it may produce a small but steady income.

Academic paper writing

This kind of job is close to copywriting, in this case you can also use special exchanges. Usually students use such services, so the demand for term papers, essays and graduation diplomas is more seasonal. You need to be an experienced person, with good thinking and a high level of literacy to write such papers. You can also place ads on various resources. Over time, with a large flow of orders, many writers create even their teams.


How to make money
How to make money




This is one of the easiest ways to make money on freelance exchanges, respectively, any special skills and knowledge are not required. The essence of this online job is very simple: you are provided with an audio or video that needs to be transcribed into text. That is, you need to record comprehended speech in the text form. The recordings may include various speeches, interviews, seminars, audio podcasts, etc.

Website Optimization and Promotion

Actually promotion of websites, optimizing them for search engine requests is a very real job that many people do with more or less success. You can create your sites, getting a small profit from advertising, you can conduct comprehensive Internet marketing sites, be engaged in filling sites, administering individual sections, forums, thematic groups in social networks. All this can be done at any convenient time, without leaving your home, the main thing is the result, by which the material reward is determined.

Making money on blogging 

Today an absolutely any person, whether a schoolboy or a pensioner, can create his/her own blog without much difficulty and complexity. You can write articles on almost any subject – and still, preferably choose those that you like more! To achieve a decent income, you need to make your blog as interesting as possible for the target audience, because usually users visit such resources mainly for reading. This is a very real and affordable way to make money online!

Click on links

The most effortless, but also low-paid work in the promotion of sites or individual products via the Internet. “Clickers” are paid less, but you can increase your earnings by attracting your referrals, who will also follow the links, and you will receive a percentage of their clicks.

Development of mobile applications 

If you have the skills of a developer and want to earn a decent money, then this option is for you. But it is worth considering that it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. The prospect of a serious and permanent income compensates all the disadvantages. If the application becomes popular, then it is easy to monetize it – for example, using the same advertising, offering the full version or additional paid services.

Making money on social networks

This way to make money online is perfect for anyone who likes to spend a lot of time on different social networks. Such a job does not take a lot of time and everyone can earn money absolutely easily. For earning on social networks, there are special resources that offer to make money on the following actions: voting, reposting, joining the community, likes and more.

Surveys and stock exchange speculation

Participating in various surveys, filling out forms, is another popular way to make money online. To do this, you need to register on as many sites of companies that pay for surveys as possible.

Another well-known way is to make money on the stock exchange, but it is not for everyone, because you need to know and understand the processes that occur in your chosen market, constantly analyze and instantly react to any changes. Stock exchange speculation is like a lottery, but losing your money is easier than ever.

As we can see, the Internet provides great opportunities to work remotely. The high abundance of various vacancies and specialties allows a good specialist to find a job that will be to his/her liking. All you need is to be diligent, and be able to make your schedule properly.


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