Posted on November 18, 2023 at 2:01 am


Sherleen Dutt on International Men’s Day: The long-standing notion that ‘men don’t cry’ is a harmful stereotype

November 19 is celebrated as International Men’s Day. The day is significant in raising awareness around men’s health, throws light on their contributions and accomplishments, and also encourages them to set the right example for society. Sherleen Dutt, who has been a part of shows such as AFL (Anything For Love), KINK (Kiss Ishq N Konnections) and Honey Trap Squad on Alt Balaji, speaks on International Men’s Day.


Photo Courtesy Sherleen Dutt Team
Photo Courtesy Sherleen Dutt Team


“International Men’s Day provides an important platform to recognize and celebrate the positive contributions of men while addressing vital issues related to their health, well-being, and gender equality. While Women’s Day receives considerable attention, it’s crucial to highlight and appreciate the unique challenges and strengths of men as well,” she says.

Women express themselves and also talk about their emotions whereas men do not. Also, since ages we have been hearing that men don’t cry.

“Societal norms often dictate that men should not express their emotions openly, contributing to the misconception that they don’t share their feelings. However, it’s essential to dispel this stereotype. Men, like women, experience a wide range of emotions and encouraging them to express themselves fosters healthier relationships and a more empathetic society,” she continues,

“The long-standing notion that ‘men don’t cry’ is a harmful stereotype that overlooks the emotional depth and vulnerability inherent in every individual. Men can and should express their emotions, including crying, without diminishing their strength or masculinity. It’s vital to recognise that men, like my brothers, have emotions and responsibilities, and acknowledging their feelings contributes to a more compassionate understanding of masculinity. Men’s roles encompass various responsibilities, including family care, and breaking free from outdated stereotypes allows for a more inclusive and supportive society.”

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