Posted on November 18, 2023 at 6:22 am

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Samarth Jurel’s traditional look at Bigg Boss Diwali Bash steals hearts, so does his SRK pose

In a dazzling display of cultural finesse, Samarth Jurel stole the spotlight in the Bigg Boss house during the BB Diwali bash with his impeccable traditional look. The festive fervor was elevated as Samarth donned an ensemble that seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary flair.


Photo Courtesy Samarth Jurel team
Photo Courtesy Samarth Jurel team


Samarth’s choice of attire reflected a keen understanding of the cultural significance of Diwali, as he graced the occasion in a rich designer kurta styled by Krishan Pandya, a celebrity stylist known for making his muse stand out. The light tones and intricate detailing not only showcased his sartorial taste but also added the much needed charm to the festival’s essence.
The highlight of his look, undoubtedly, was the traditional jacket donned gracefully over his kurta. Samarth’s Diwali bash look boasted traditional motifs and intricate embroidery, providing a visual feast for onlookers. Samarth’s choice to incorporate this traditional element demonstrated not just a celebration of fashion but a nod to the cultural roots embedded in Diwali celebrations.
The BB Diwali bash also witnessed the presence of paparazzis in the house who appreciated Samarth’s look as they snapped the actor in the best of his form. Samarth, was also seen doing the famous SRK pose with his arms wide open that went on to become the highlight of the episode.
Samarth’s Diwali look in the Bigg Boss house not only celebrated the richness of Indian traditions but also served as a reminder that style is a language that transcends time and trends. As the festive lights illuminated the Bigg Boss house, Samarth Jurel‘s traditional look added an extra layer of brilliance to the Diwali celebrations, making it a fashion moment to remember.
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