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Sneh Binny on International Men’s Day: The day should promote every working-class man who is living a decent and honest life

November 19 is celebrated as International Men’s Day, an occasion dedicated to honoring positive contributions and acknowledging the challenges faced by men around the world. It is a day to promote awareness about men’s mental health, foster discussions on gender equality, and appreciate the invaluable role that men play in society. Sneh Binny, owner of the tennis team Delhi Binny’s Brigade, Founder & CEO of SaveEat & Binny’s Jewellery, speaks on International Men’s Day.


Photo Courtesy Sneh Binny Team
Photo Courtesy Sneh Binny Team


“As a man, I believe that Men’s Day is an important occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions, achievements, and challenges that men face in our society. Men’s Day should be used as an opportunity to show positive masculinity, encourage sentimental discussions on men’s well-being and promote positive male role models, not just movie stars, but every working-class man who is living a decent and honest life,” he says.

It’s being said that there is much hype around International Women’s Day. But such is not the case with Men’s Day.

“Women’s Day is a response to centuries of discrimination, and inequality. It serves as a reminder of the progress made and the ongoing need for gender equality. On the other hand, Men’s Day is often seen as less recognized or hyped. However, it is crucial to note that Men’s Day was established more recently as a response to men’s issues and challenges that may go unnoticed or unaddressed. Instead of comparing the recognition of Women’s Day and Men’s Day, it is more productive and important to focus on the overall goal of promoting gender equality by addressing the unique struggles faced by both men and women. Both days are opportunities for dialogue, reflection, progress and equally important,” he explains.

Women express themselves and also talk about their emotions whereas men do not. Also, since ages we have been hearing that men don’t cry.

“It’s true that women are more expressive about emotions than men. Some men may feel stoic, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have emotions. However, social attitudes are evolving and encouraging everyone to be genuine in expressing their feelings. And it’s crucial to approach this subject with an understanding of the unique emotional landscape that every individual navigates. Also, the idea that ‘men don’t cry’ is an old stereotype suggesting that men should not show vulnerability. It’s important to recognize that expressing feelings, emotions and crying is natural. And, I think our society is changing, encouraging everyone to be open about their emotions, recognizing that it’s part of being human,” says Sneh.

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