Posted on November 20, 2023 at 2:44 am


Ranaksh Rana: We should be mindful and appreciative all year and not just on International Men’s Day

Actor Ranaksh Rana says that days such as International Men’s Day remind us that we must value those around us all the time. He also says that the fact that women are celebrated more than men is because they have fought bigger issues of recognition in their lives.


Photo Courtesy Ranaksh Rana Team
Photo Courtesy Ranaksh Rana Team


“Generally, I feel all the days that we celebrate are supposed to be a reminder that we should be mindful and appreciative throughout the year. The same goes for Men’s Day. I don’t think one occasion getting hyped means the other is underappreciated. It’s all about how long the journey has been for a particular segment of society to reach where they are,” he says.

He adds,

“The reality of women has been different and the challenges of men have been different. For example, men have been historically stereotyped as those who don’t express themselves. It is really not true. Men do express themselves but in a different way.”

Beliefs such as like ‘men don’t cry’ need to be stopped, he says, adding,

“But what one needs to understand is that it is a result of deep conditioning since childhood – men don’t cry. More importantly, it is because crying has been linked to weakness. What we should do as a society is realise that crying is healthy. If everyone starts expressing themselves, mental health issues will be reduced. Crying has to be looked at as venting out and not as a sign of weakness.”

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