Posted on June 10, 2023 at 9:49 am

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Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan are back with their sizzling chemistry in Barsaat Aa Gayi

Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan‘s chemistry has been an absolute hit with fans since their very first music video. Marking their fourth collaboration on brand new video Barsaat Aa Gayi in yet another monsoon song is exciting news for their fans!


Photo Courtesy Hina Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Hina Khan Team


Since their very first music video together, Shaheer and Hina’s chemistry has been loved by the audience. So much so that makers of Barsaat Aa Gayi had to bring the duo back together for another monsoon special track.

The duo last appeared together in the music video “Baarish Ban Jana,” under the same banner Vyrl Originals, which gained immense popularity and achieved a remarkable milestone of 620 million views on Youtube. The song resonated with the audience, capturing the essence of romance and the beauty of rain.

Fans are already anticipating high numbers on Barsaat Aa Gayi, with Hina and Shaheer’s sizzling chemistry which is all set to give this song the ultimate romantic feel.

It’s great to see Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan collaborating again to bring a romantic monsoon vibe to their new music video. Their previous success indicates that this track too is all set to be an absolute hit!

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