Posted on June 10, 2023 at 9:58 am

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Fans demand Ayushmann Khurrana to release his new single after teasing fans at a recent gig

Ayushmann Khurrana thoroughly enjoys performing on stage. This year, 2023 the talented actor and singer has been actively touring with his band Ayushmann Bhava.


Ayushmann Khurrana: 'An honour to be regarded as someone India identifies with the most’ 
Photo Courtesy Ayushmann Khurrana Team


Always keen to directly interact with fans and listeners, Ayushmann delighted the audience at a recent performance with a surprise. He sang  his  still-to-be-launched single, ‘Raatan Kaaliyan’ for his fans. For this new song, he was keen to gauge the response of his fans first hand.

When he announced on-stage that he will be sharing a track he has been working on since the last couple of months, the crowds gave him thunderous applause. They continued to hoot and enjoy themselves, while he performed the number.

The talented actor – singer has been all smiles with the reactions he has been receiving for the track. He shares,

“As artists, we are all, usually nervous before releasing our work. This time I was excited to perform to Raatan Kaaliyan at the concert. For me, it was a kind of a litmus test.”

He further adds

“I am ecstatic with the love it has received.  It was surreal to watch the audience lap it up immediately. This is my next exciting collaboration with Rochak and T-Series and I look forward to releasing this single.”

Over the years, Ayushmann has become synonymous with energetic and captivating live performances. The ace actor-singer typically sings some of his own songs and mixes it with some retro and 90’s Bollywood music. He also enjoys experimenting with different songs and even improvises on stage by making rock versions of existing songs.

Ayushmann’s endeavor has always been to present something new and fresh to audiences through his films and even stage performances.

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