Posted on June 10, 2023 at 9:37 am


Shivya Pathania suggests the government to take steps to stop child labour

Shivya Pathania is very well-known for her top-notch portrayal of mythological characters in TV shows, through which she has made a special place in the hearts of the audience. Not only this, but the actress is also widely known as the divine beauty of Indian television.


Photo Courtesy Shivya Pathania Team
Photo Courtesy Shivya Pathania Team


The actress, who is a self-made star, never misses any chance to grab the viewer’s attention towards her, and from TV to embarking into OTT, she has established herself with incredible skills in acting, and Shivya’s popular role as Baal Shiv‘s Parvati has won a lot of accolades for her. Now that World Against Child Labour Day is around the corner, Shivya opened up her thoughts and also put forth her opinion about ending child labour.

Talking about the reasons responsible for child labour, Shivya says,

“The dream of a young child of getting fulfilled the basic daily needs lead him/her towards earning or sometimes is forced to go and earn to support his/her family partially or fully. And small-scale and sometimes even large-scale businesses see their profit in keeping an under-aged child at work because they will get the labour in cheap amounts and also when a parent cannot fulfil the basic needs of a child the only option left to him/her is to send the child to earn, without thinking of anything about the child’s education or mental and physical health.”

Ask Shivya about what steps the government should take to stop child labour, she says,

“The government should first take the initiative of spreading awareness about how sending/keeping a child at work can destroy his/her whole life and the child will not grow mentally physically and even socially as he/she will just get stuck in earning the daily wages for their family. And by creating inclusive and learner-friendly environments for the ages 3-18 years across all the urban slums to the remotest villages in India, when they will get a proper education society and their mindset will evolve and this can lead to a child-labour-free society in some years.”

Discussing the punishments which should be given to the people who force children to do work; she says,

“More stringent laws and effective implementation against those who force the under-aged child to work on minimum wages for cheap labour, and I feel if a person is not bothered about the future of a child that person’s business should be shut down and let him/her realize what wrong things they were doing which is affecting the whole life of a small kid. And also government should come up with some plans so that kids do not end up working at places like these for their survival.

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