Posted on November 14, 2022 at 11:19 pm

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Ankit Gupta is a one-liner king, ‘iski ek line sau lino par bhari pad rahi hai’: Shekhar Suman

Last Weekend Ka Vaar was quite an eventful weekend for everybody but finally television’s handsome hunk Ankit Gupta started revealing his game.


Netizens and a lot of big names are seen in the support of Ankit. In the recent episode, Shekhar Suman was back on this week’s Bigg Bulletin.


On the occasion of Children’s Day, comparing Bigg Boss to a school and the contestants to students. He reveals the real reason behind Ankit’s silence.

Photo Courtesy Ankit Gupta Team
Photo Courtesy Ankit Gupta Team

He jokes that once a teacher told the actor that she wants pin drop silence. Ankit, being a disciplined student, is following the same to date.


We have seen Shekhar Suman’s Twitter is full of his thoughts and he shares a lot of his thoughts on Ankit. All his tweets are positive and very frequently we have seen his comments on how he sees Ankit as the winner of the house.


While reading today’s bulletin he said,


“Shekhar calls Ankit kumbhkaran whose one-liners are a hit and he will grow when woken up. He also added, iski ek ek line logo ki sau sau line pe bhari padh rahi. He is the king of one liner.”


This is not the first time that people are calling him the king of one liners. Also he is the king of the house.

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