Posted on November 14, 2022 at 11:36 pm

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Gautam Singh Vig gives it back to Shalin Bhanot, fans praise him for his savage replies

Actor Gautam Singh Vig has been making a lot of buzz with his stint in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Photo courtesy Gautam team
Photo courtesy Gautam team

From day one Gautam is taking a stand for the right and especially for himself whenever needed. He always shows his involvement in the game and comes up with very strong opinions.


The actor is doing well in the show and fans are liking his personality. Gautam enjoys immense popularity and receives a lot of support from fans. After the last episode and his fight with Shalin, his fans are tweeting for him.


Lately in the episode, we saw that Shalin was locking horns with Gautam without any reason and just for footage.


After Archana entered the house, we have seen Gautam and everybody discussing other groups’ behaviour.


While Shalin overhears it and started gossiping about the same. And when Gautam come in support of him and Archana, Shalin started saying a lot of things to him about his beard and a lot of other things as well.


But later fans flooded Twitter saying that, ‘Shalin bhanot hai vo basically synonym of fake.’


Other fan commented, ‘Shalin Chicken Bhanot says chikna and all wow he showed what the hell person he is.. No respect left for this man but gautam ne apne one liners se baja di uski super proud of you Gautam #GautamSinghVig #GautamSquad #BiggBoss16 #GautamVig.’


Right now he is in the Bigg Boss house enjoying his journey in the house. His fans are not letting any stone unturned for him and sending love from every corner.

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