Posted on November 14, 2022 at 1:01 am

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Salman Khan praises Ankit Gupta by saying, you are intelligent, understanding and observant!

Today’s Bigg Boss started with the entry of Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani into the house with full entertainment. Sunny and Arjun ask housemates to perform some tasks in which they are divided into two groups – Boys and Girls. Then Ankit is asked to perform a lap dance with Arjun, which he performed with all grace.


Later, the host Salman Khan asks Priyanka and Ankit to go to the activity area, where he shows them some footage about the public’s opinion of their game. Salman Khan says to Priyanka that not only he but the audience also feels that she is spoiling her as well as Ankit’s game. This conversation continues for some time in which both Ankit and Priyanka put across their opinions. Salman also asks Priyanka to play her own game and give Ankit some space.

In between the conversation, Salman told Ankit,

‘apki jo analysis hai wo badi correct hai. Apka jo sochne ka tareka hai bada sahi hai. Aap samjhdar ho, intelligent ho…Aap bade observant ho…aur wo sab dikh raha hai.’

Salman Khan as a guide and as host always seen praised Ankit and always tried to guide him. Also, now Ankit has started unfolding his cards in the game which will be an interesting turning point for everybody.

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