Posted on November 13, 2022 at 11:00 pm

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Ankit Gupta impresses Varun Dhawan with his Smart answers

Today, the episode starts with a prank where gloomy clouds for Ankit have spread all over the house as Salman reveals that Priyanka is going to be evicted.


Photo courtesy Ankit team
Photo courtesy Ankit team

In between all this, the stage of Bigg Boss is set on fire by Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan‘s presence for the promotions of their movie.

Salman Khan has a fun evening dancing with the star cast re-living the iconic songs of Bollywood.

Later on, the Duo entered the house and played games with the contestants. They started calling out inmates for a task where everyone has to give one Bedhiya part to one other.

Where Shalin gave me the tale and said you are always behind Priyanka and Ankit replied to him jokingly by saying you have to give this to yourself only.

Meanwhile, Ankita gave the head to Shiv for planning cleaver, then they get into a petty argument where Ankit gave him full one-liners and made Shiv quiet with his answers. To which, Actor Varun Dhawan said you are in full form today.

Shekhar Suman also came in support of Ankit by commenting, ‘Bigg Boss is a test of your patience, mental stability, resilience understanding and careful planning.

Ankit is the only one who has all these traits. Admirable. Finally, netizens are also commenting that he started showing his game which will give hard times to his fellow contestants because now our Bhediya is ready to play his game.

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