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Rahul Jain on Aawazein – “It has been an amazing journey.”

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Rahul Jain discusses Aawazein

Despite all the hardships 2020 has thrown at us, the Indian music industry is fighting back stronger than ever with an array of new releases, one of which is popular singer and composer Rahul Jain feat. Ashish Bhatia & Kate Sharma’s new song Aawazein. We got in touch with Rahul Jain who discussed all things music.

First things first, tell us about the concept and naming of Aawazein.

The song is called Aawazein. Basically, what happens when some beautiful relationships end? There are these voices that keep echoing, so that is the reason the name of the song is Aawazein. As the song is about a love story, that is incomplete because of some misunderstandings. And the relationships get ruined. Hence, the name of the song is Aawazein.


What inspired you to collaborate on Aawazein?

So I think, It is a very normal thing which keeps on happening now and then with everyone. It is the idea that when a person whom you’ve loved more than anything is not there anymore and what all a person goes through.


Kindly tell us the musical process, from recording to release. How has the journey been? If there were any challenges how have you overcome them in this project?

The process is simple. First, we write the lyrics, then I compose it and after the music production starts, but this song was a little different because we came up with the tune first, and we had the dummy prepared, and then Vandana wrote some amazing lyrics. So I think with this song, it was tune first, then production, and then lyrics were fitted to it. We also did a lot of permutation combination around it as I wanted something more electro, RnB, EDM which I couldn’t do in my previous songs, so I experimented with this. It has been an amazing journey in the audio process.

If I tell you about the video, So I spoke a friend of mine, Ashish Bhatia. He has been a part of MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla, and even Dance India Dance. And he is an amazing, actor, dancer, rapper, Dj, and above all an amazing human being. So, I thought to connect with him, and we decided to work on this song, we started with storyboarding. But then at that time, the lockdown was going on and he was in Dehradun and thought why not Dehradun in this song? Hence Kate (the female actress) travelled from Mumbai to Dehdradun and we shot the video there. Although we did face some challenges as there were quite a few permissions required, however eventually it all turned out well and we made the song.

Tell us about your favourite part in Aawazein. Is there any particular lyric, shot that holds significance to you?

The favourite part of the song is of course the drop part. The drop is amazing, and I am super addicted to it. For lyrics, all of them are my favourite as I love the lyrics which talk about a broken heart. But to be precise. “Tujhko pata tha haan yeh zakhmi sa ghayal sa tha, kamzor dil tha mera fir bhi toda kyu tune haan”, So I think these lyrics are very catchy.


Music videos have become the next big thing in India. Where do you see the music industry heading?

I think it has been an amazing and lovely change that we have seen in Independent music. As till now, only big movie song only used to get hit or belongs to big labels, but now people are accepting a good independent artist also who are making good music and video, and they are getting popular. So, I think this is a very good change as international music is all about the independent artist and they do not require big films/labels rather films need independent artists. So, this is a very good change, and I have been wanting to do something like this past 3-4 years, independent music apart from films and music.

Any final messages for your fans.

Thank you so much for all the love you are giving to my songs especially the music that I have created during the lockdown. I promise I’ll come up with lots of new songs soon. Things are getting better now, and I’ll be traveling for my shows soon, hope to see you guys very soon. Keep showering your love just like always and show some love to Aawazein just the way you guys have loved and appreciated my other songs.


Well there you have it folks, the man behind Aawazein in an exclusive conversation with UrbanAsian. Keep reading UrbanAsian and I shall be back with a new article.

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