Posted on September 15, 2020 at 12:59 am

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Chris Gayle aka The UniverseBoss Collaborates Singer Avina Shah

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Chris Gayle aka The UniverseBoss Collaborates Singer

Chris Gayle aka The UniverseBoss Collaborates Singer Avina Shah

Cricket legend Chris Gayle aka The UniverseBoss collaborates with singer Avina Shah in an exotic dance track

British Indian singer Avina Shah is best known for her recent hit singles, Husan Di Rani, Playboy, and the very recent release Sitaro Pe Nazar that she dedicated in memory of those who lost their lives to Covid-19. She is already back with a brand new bootilicious dance song titled ‘Groove’ featuring none other than cricketing legend Chris Gayle, also known as the UniverseBoss. Hard-hitting batsman Chris Gayle, who has lit up the IPL many times and has several records to his name, proves that his talents in music are just as spectacular!

It is incredible how Chris and Avina put together this unique music video during the lockdown period in different countries without meeting in person. With Chris’s exotic Caribbean flavor and Avina’s unique East meets West style, it is an invigorating combination that will certainly liven up our spirits in 2020.

After shooting the music video in Jamaica, Chris headed straight to Dubai where he will be playing for the IPL with Kings Eleven Punjab. He quotes, “I love the track and the Groove! It’s my first collaboration with a female artist, thanks to Avina and I’m really looking forward to this release. It was a great experience shooting the music video as we wanted to bring the Jamaican flavor mixed with the Indian and Western sound. We managed to put together the whole project in a short space of time, big up to the crew!”

We spoke to Avina, and here is what she has to say,

“This is definitely one of my favorite and memorable songs to date. It is a unique mix of English, Hindi, and Punjabi, and getting Chris on board is the highlight! He brings his Reggae Jamaican flavor to the track which has such a vibe. Chris is an absolute legend not only in sport but he is clearly a talented musician too. I am really happy with the sound that he brings to Groove and we can’t wait to see the response!”

Groove releases worldwide digitally ‪on Thursday 17th ‪September and will be available on all major streaming platforms. The music video will release on Saturday 19th September on Avina’s Youtube Channel. Chris and Avina will be using the hashtag #IgottheGroove to engage with their growing legion of fans.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

They share with us a personal journey behind the scenes on how the song was created.

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