Posted on September 14, 2020 at 9:00 am

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Shantanu Maheshwari & D3 Co-Star Macedon Dmello Don The Director’s Hat For Their New World of Dance Music Video!

Donning a new role and hat this time, actor and International dancer Shantanu Maheshwari.

Recently turned director for his brand new ‘World of Dance‘ first ever song music video. In which it gaining a lot of hearts and praise on social media.

Having had to shoot the video amidst the lockdown in absolute restrictive measures.

Shantanu and his D3 costar Macedon Dmello who are both also part of their Desi Hoppers dance crew.

Their collectively took the decision to turn directors for the video. Alongside being in front of the camera as well, and pulled off quite a stellar job on the final product. Which has resulted in the video looking absolutely brilliant.

Speaking about the direction aspect and working behind the camera with his D3 costar, Shantanu shares,

“Macedon and I have come a long way since our college and D3 days, and now are also part of our Desi Hoppers dance crew, which makes it working together much easier as we both are always on the same page in regards with most the aspects related to dance and those behind the camera too. So when the opportunity to finally get outside and shoot for this ‘World of Dance’ music video came up, it had a lot of restrictions and protocols along with it due to shooting it in the lockdown, so Macedon and I readily took up the job of directing it along with dancing in it as well.

We have both always had a keen interest of what lies behind the camera, and in the past we have worked on and idealized a lot of dance routines and choreographies for acts on D3 and other platforms too. Direction is a different ballgame altogether, as it involves nearly all aspects of the project that need to be overseen. From location reccees to the set choreography, the framing of shots, different shot angles, costumes, positioning and decoding the final look of the product, all come under the direction element along with a lot more.

It was hectic, challenging and quite a task since we had to shoot the video in a short span of time, but one which Macedon and I thoroughly enjoyed directing together. It was also a nice learning to manage all these aspects simultaneously, and we definitely did get a much better understanding about the direction angle, something which we were both very happy to explore.”

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