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How to Write a Spotless Film Review

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Just watching the movie is far from enough to make you competent in writing a great film review. You need to dig a lot deeper to be able to write a compelling, informative, and entertaining film review.

This is why you must understand the process behind writing it. This article covers all the steps necessary for completing the process like a true professional.

Let’s take a closer look at writing an impeccable film review.

1. Watch Closely


The first thing you need to do is watch the movie.

However, you can’t just sit back, eat your popcorn and watch as the average audience member. You need to pay close attention.

So, while you’re watching make sure that you:

        analyze different segments of the movie

        take notes

        remember the details

This will help you back your film review with facts and give your audience quality feedback.

2. Open With a Hook


Now, it’s time to start writing your review.

“It’s very important that you grab the readers’ attention from the very first sentence. This will ensure they keep reading and stay with you until the end,” says Suzan Faber, a movie critic and writer at Trust My Paper.

So, here’s what your opening statement needs to have:

        a compelling statement about the movie- do you love it, like it, or hate it?

        an interesting fact about the movie

        your review in a nutshell

The readers will want to know how you feel about the movie from the beginning. Don’t leave them waiting and open up with a straight forward opinion about the movie.

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3. Summarize The Plot


Consider this part of your review like giving your readers a written trailer of the movie.

That means that you don’t want to reveal too much, but you do want to awaken their interest or give them an insight into the movie.

Summarizing the plot should be:


        not revealing the ending

        supported with the most important facts

So, briefly describe what the movie’s about and go on to analyzing it deeper. This will give a professional note to your content.

4. Analyze Deeper


Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s time to take out that notebook of yours and start analyzing it into greater detail.

Your readers want to know why you feel the way you feel about the movie. So, support every claim with a fact.

Write about and analyze:


        music and sound effects

        special effects




        the script


        set design

Mention everything worth a mention and give your readers an insight into the good or bad sides of this movie.

5. Mention the Actors’ Performance


So many people decide to watch a movie solely because their favorite actor or actress plays in it. They’ll want to know how you feel about their performance and whether the movie is worth watching just because they’re in it.

So, make sure that you mention the actors’ performances:

        weak or strong


        not a typical role for the actor in question

        amazing stunt skills

        the specific scene where they shined

Make sure that you cover this base or else most readers will feel like your review is incomplete.

6. Repeat Your Judgment


Even though you opened the review with your judgment of the movie, now it’s time to repeat it once again.

So make sure that you finish your review with a summary and a conclusion such as:

        don’t waste your time and money

        make sure you watch this

End with a strong note and tell them whether to watch the film or not.

7. Edit & Proofread


Finally, you shouldn’t forget to polish your review and make sure it’s written professionally.

Nobody is going to trust or even finish reading a review that has a spelling mistake or is sloppy.

Therefore, once you finish writing, you need to:

        edit to improve the structure

        proofread for spelling or grammar mistakes

        review your vocabulary choice

 In case you need help with any of the steps, you can check out Wow Grade, Best Essay Education, or Studicus.

Final Thoughts


Writing a spotless film review means writing in stages and planning each stage to perfection.

Use the tips we’ve provided above and follow each step to write an impeccable review. Your readers will be satisfied and you’ll gain their trust by continuing to write spotless movie reviews.



Helene Cue is a professional writer and a blogger who enjoys using the written word to inspire, inform, and entertain. Her main goal is to bond with her audience and gain their trust by providing reliable information and being a credible source. She’s currently working as a writer at Grab My Essay and Supreme Dissertations.


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