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27 Topics to discuss with him

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Topics to discuss with him

We don’t want to say this, but have you ever run out of topics to talk to him about? That moment where you do want to continue to talk to him but have zero ideas of what about. 

Even if you have just started your relationships or been together for a while, there are still moments that you don’t know what to say. You end up asking “how are you” or “wyd” over and over. 


To avoid that we got together a shortlist of topics to bring up in a conversation with him. 


The best topic is to discuss the latest book you’ve read or a movie that you watched. You can suggest sites where you can find affordable literature or movie screening. Another topic, if he is into the sport, ask him about the training routine and what he would suggest to you. 


Another popular topic is video games. If he is into it, you will gain his attention by even asking about it, a great addition if you can play too. But let’s take a closer look. 


If you have been in a relationship together for a while now, it seems like everything was already discussed. Here are some topics to talk about in that case. 


Try to debate about any healthy topics. For instance, who is the best superhero of all times or who are more strong men or women. If there will be topics where you agree on the same idea, there will be those where you would always agree to disagree. Those are the best ones. Remember that it is still a fun way to argue, and you don’t have to be aggressive towards it. 


Ask him about his day. Humans are self-centered creatures, but it is so lovely to have someone to hear about your day in the evening. That same applies to men. They are daily going through a lot of situations that can be nice to get off the chest. Listen carefully and stick to his side. 


Talk about the future. But not the one where do you see yourself in 5 years but more of an alternative reality. How does he see the future, and what are the main ideas he could have, and what inspired him to get these ideas. 


Share your past. Try not to talk about past relationships but talk more about what kind of babies you were. Were you naughty or the opposite and grew up to be a quiet kid. Those topics usually bring back sweet memories. 


In case you have not been in a long-term relationship, but you try to spend as much time as possible talking to your crush — here are topics to discuss. 


The question game is ultimate for any occasion and will most likely never go old. You can set your own rules or get the regular ones, where you have to ask each other different questions on by one. You can ask the same question, but it won’t count, and you would need to come up with a new one. Some people do half regular questions, and the other half are naughty questions.


Talk about changes. Not between you two but globally. Talk about the world and what two of you would change. Of course, he can go first. Don’t interrupt and let him finish the idea.


Discuss your hobbies. Those could be current once that you have already or new once that you both have in mind to try out sometime. That could be entertaining and would overthink all the ideas on the back of your mind. 


Sometimes even staying silent can be calming and rewarding. They say you should feel comfortable to say nothing around the person. We agree with that. You both should be comfortable around each other regarding how many topics you do have in your pocket. 


Time to time saying nothing is also comforting. Silence can connect you two on another level that both of you would enjoy.

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