Posted on April 10, 2020 at 2:36 pm

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Yummy Strawberry Cake Recipe Without Eggs

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Who doesn’t love cake? No one? Well, we agree there may hardly be a handful of people across the globe whose mouth do not water for cake. While cakes are readily available at different confectioneries, it’s damn special if you bake it yourself.

Strawberry Cake
White creamy cake with strawberries

So to help you, here’s a tasty and easy strawberry cake recipe


Egg-free philsberry (sponge premix)————–300gm
Whipped cream————————————-200gm
Fresh Strawberry ———————————-250gm (for topping)
Chopped strawberry——————————100gm
Rosted  Almond slice————————————–50gm


1. Mix egg-free premix and water together and whisk it properly until making a smooth batter.
2. Line the cake mould with butter and pour the mixture and bake it 180c to 15min.
3. Check with a knife if the sponge cake is done de-mould from mould and keep it for cooling.
4. After cooling cut this sponge in three equal parts, layer the sponge with chopped strawberry and whipped cream.
5. Mask the cake with whipped cream, and arrange fresh strawberry on top.
6. Coved all the side of cake with roasted almond and serve.

Enjoy this yummy strawberry cake this weekend!

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