Posted on March 23, 2020 at 9:15 am

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House Quarantined? Binge-Watch These Shows And Films During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Most people already know that movies are the best cure for boredom. They always have been.

But with COVID-19 spreading and self-quarantine increasing, you might find yourself spending hours scrolling through Netflix looking for something – anything worth watching.

There are a great number of films out there, you just have to know where to look. So I decided to put together a list of the five best movies streaming right now that are well worth your time.

Check out the film right here:

Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak (Netflix):

It might be a little too late to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus. But you should watch this docu-series for some much-needed tips on how you can protect yourself.

It features interviews with the people who stood at the front lines of the Influenza outbreak. This documentary series then focuses deeply on the efforts they took back then to prevent the next global outbreak.

Contagion (Amazon Prime Video):

Among all the movies on Amazon Prime Video, this film has been trending since last week. And you get no prizes for guessing why. If you choose to watch this one, you are going to find yourself relating hard to it.

When a woman named Beth Emhoff and her son die of a deadly virus, the US Centers for Disease Control spirals into a frenzy to find a cure.

While the deadly virus keeps on spreading its seed, the panic around it spreads faster. The fact that it’s helmed by Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh and the impressive star cast are other reasons why you should check this film out.

93 Days (Netflix):

This scary movie is based on an even scarier true story. It’s a drama thriller film where a deadly case of Ebola is found in the Lagos hospital in Nigeria.

The movie then takes a look at how these medical heroes were successful in their containment efforts. Donald Glover of Lethal Weapon fame also features in this film, along with other Nigerian actors.

And just so you know, Ebola had a fatality rate of about 50% whereas Coronavirus has that of 2 percent. So the scare is real with this one.

Virus (Amazon Prime Video):

Malayalam cinema is always two steps ahead of Bollywood. And if you want Indian content, pick this out of all the movies on Amazon Prime Video.

It is based on the true events that occurred during the Nipah Virus outbreak in Kerala. Nipah had a high death rate of 75 percent. This movie documents how a village rallied together to stop the spread of this virus and won.

World War Z (Amazon Prime Video):

Comparing Coronavirus to a zombie outbreak may not be fair. But tell us honestly, if someone even coughs in front of you at this time, are you not likely to go in full defense mode?

Brad Pitt plays the lead in this film, which chronicles what could potentially be the last few days of the human race. He plays a former United Nations employee who has been charged with the herculean task of protecting the last of the humankind.

Do let us know your favourite outbreak film in the comment section below.

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