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UrbanAsian’s Founder Roshni Patel Spheres Its 10th Anniversary

UrbanAsian’s Founder Roshni Patel Spheres Its 10th Anniversary

UrbanAsian’s Founder Roshni Patel Spheres Its 10th Anniversary Roshni Patel, UrbanAsian Founder, Overcomes Odds Ahead Of UrbanAsian’s 10th Anniversary

Roshni Patel, the innovative, energetic, and ambitious founder of, has overcome the odds to grow UrbanAsian into a leading multimedia and news website.

Patel, diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13, largely had the odds stacked against her. From a young age, she pushed back against the challenges of epilepsy and overcame the odds, including the voices of critics who claimed her diagnosis would prevent her from finding long-term success.

Patel, who first worked for a radio station owned by her father, Mahesh, has been at the helm of for the last nine years. An innovative and energetic leader, Patel has grown the website and connected it with new audiences, making it a leading online destination for entertainment and lifestyle news. UrbanAsian, now one of the largest news platforms in the United States, continues to grow in the entertainment and lifestyle industries for its diverse coverage of celebrity gossip, film, and female entrepreneurship. Patel will continue to steer UrbanAsian into the next decade with much to accomplish in 2020 as the website celebrates its tenth anniversary.

A host of IIFA in Tampa and the Bollywood Oscars, Patel is no stranger to the spotlight and entertainment scene. Heavily involved in the industry, she has produced films in the United States and helped with distribution worldwide. Roshni holds a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, and now offers advice on how to brand other people’s consumer goods or services.

“Don’t allow people to belittle you in life,”

remarked Patel.

“You have to strive for the best even if you have a condition. Don’t allow a condition to stop you from your dreams. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

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